Scheduling an Appointment
Please call 908-279-4030 to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. After the consultation has been completed, we will schedule additional appointments as needed.

Costs and Billing
The initial session is a consultation, which usually lasts about 45 - 60 minutes. This is when the clinician will gather as much information as possible about patient’s previous medical history, current symptoms, and create a plan for further assessment. The consultation fee of $500 will be embedded into the cost of the full assessment. Patients will be required to pay for the full assessment before they can receive their neuropsychological report and feedback. Patients are responsible for the initial consultation fee, even if they decide they do not want to continue with testing.

Fee Schedule
Service** Areas Covered*** Fee
Independent & Second Opinion Child Study Team Evaluations
  • Parent interview, Record review
Neurodevelopmental and Autism Evaluation
  • Parent interview, Adaptive, Cognitive, Expressive and Receptive Language, Gross and Fine Motor Development, Social and Sensory
Guardianship And Capacity Evaluations
  • Parent/collateral interview
  • IQ
  • Academic Achievement
  • Broad cognitive screeners
  • Mood
  • Adaptive Behavior
  • Behavior Ratings
Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Parent/collateral interview
  • IQ
  • Academic Achievement
  • Attention, Memory, Language, Visual Spatial, Construction, Executive Functions
  • Mood
  • Adaptive Behavior
  • Behavior Ratings
  • Often there is more, based on the presentation at testing
Deposition $500/hour
Court appearance $3,000/Half Day $6,000/Full Day
In school observation, travel time and summary report of observations $500/hour 2 hour minimum
** Note: Additional charges may apply based on specific testing requirements or circumstances.
*** Areas Covered refers to the aspects or domains assessed during the evaluation process.

What is the cost for an evaluation?
The cost of a neuropsychological evaluation is based on an hourly charge. Charges cover both time spend working face to face with the patient, as well as time devoted to interpretation and report preparation. The time required for evaluations is based on several factors including the age of the individual being evaluated, as well as the referral questions asked.

Does my health care insurance pay for the evaluation?

Depending on the referral question and the patient’s medical history, medical insurance may provide partial or full coverage for the neuropsychological evaluation. However, Advanced Neuropsychology LLC is an out of network provider (fee for service). Therefore, we do not contract directly with insurance companies. We provide our patients with an invoice (insurance bill) that contains all of the pertinent information that will be necessary when submitting a claim to your insurance company. Many patients find private payment to be beneficial because it allows for greater privacy and flexibility in treatment. We accept all forms of payment (check, credit card, cash).